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Lynn Building Systems. has been developing and building residentially in throughout Virginia, Florida and North Carolina and Florida for more than twenty seven years. We are a full-service Class A contractor. We specialize in new home construction, renovations and remodelling, roofing and siding. We offer state-of-the-art construction and systems to build your new home, renovate your home or remodel your home replace your roof or replace your siding in less time, with less hassle, and with less money. In addition to all of these benefits, we have a design team that can work with a design that you will be proud of for year’s to come.

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From site prep to laying foundations, raising walls to finishing work, this video will show you how we get it done and what will go into building your new home.


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1. Block House Construction
The high thermal mass of tightly sealed concrete walls, along with insulation, prevents drafting and creates an airtight high-performing, energy-efficient home.
2. Resists Rot, Rust, and Insects
Concrete home construction provides a more durable wall system over wood and steel.
3. Creates Low Maintenance Homes
Concrete construction creates low-maintenance homes with wall systems that hold their shape and integrity for decades.
4. Fire Resistance
Fire-resistant concrete walls more effectively resist damage from fire and limit the spread of flames, compared to wood and steel.
5. Wind Resistance
Concrete construction produces homes that can stand up to the severe winds of a hurricane or tornado.

6. Healthy Homes
Concrete houses provide healthy environments with fewer airborne allergens, molds, and toxins than most wood-frame houses.
7. Produces Excellent Acoustics
The mass and rigidity of concrete more effectively reduces the transmission of unwanted noise and sound in a home more than other building products, like steel and wood.
8. Design Flexibility
Concrete allows architects tremendous flexibility with their designs.
9. Environmentally Friendly
Concrete house construction creates minimal waste because the manufacturer can produce exact amounts of concrete for a project.

Why Choose Us?

Lynn Building Systems Team came together in 1995

With the dedication to an excellent product that we would not only guarantee but stand by so much that we would put our name on it and for over 27 years, we have done just that.

At Lynn Building System we know that price matters and that is why we always work with you to make sure you get the best price possible, without ever sacrificing quality. We will do more work on our end so that we can pass savings on to you.





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